Key services – we offer a solution for everyone

Financial consulting

Comprehensive procurement of financial sources via common and specific methods. Our clients most often demand professional services from these sectors: funding operations, inventory financing, financing obligations, investment financing, leasing, trade financing including documentary trade, factoring, forfaiting, consulting and production consulting. We are one of the few firms which offer restructuring for existing credit relations.

Real estate consulting

We provide support with calculating and evaluating real estate projects, with respect to the return on investment and also the possibility of achieving funding from financial institutes, cooperation for the realization of building evaluations, purchasing and selling as well as cooperation for investment opportunities regarding real estate and projects.

Processing business plans

We particularly specialize in the economic segment of business planning. We utilize the results of financial analyses plentifully. These are subsequently transformed into financial planning for the prognosis of future economic development.

EU grants

In terms of this active and busy area of current financial markets, we can easily secure complete consulting services including the processing of EU grants, projects and feasibility studies.

Complete list of services

  • financial consultancy
  • securing financial sources
    1. funding operations
    2. inventory financing
    3. financing claims and obligations
    4. investment financing
    5. leasing of movable and immovable assets
    6. business financing including documentary trade
    7. factoring
    8. forfaiting
    9. export financing
    10. mortgage financing
    11. syndicated financing
    12. structured financing
    13. acquisition financing (purchase of business shares and firms)
    14. start-up project financing
    15. supplier loans
    16. guarantees
  • preparing applications for making use of support from structural funds under the Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • processing of business plans
  • restructuring existing credit relations
  • company and real estate pricing estimates
  • real estate consulting
  • real estate investments
  • building assessments, purchasing and selling
  • consulting services for investment construction
  • processing EU grant applications
  • processing grant provision applications
  • processing investment incentive applications
  • claim insurance
  • property insurance
  • venture capital fund
  • management buy out/MBO