• CPI Group

    CPI Group

    Real estate investments – hotels, shopping and logistics centers, housing developments.

  • LOM PRAHA s. p.

    LOM PRAHA s. p.

    100% daughter to the Ministry of Defence
    Traditional Czech aviation industry company focusing on repairing and modernizing aviation technology.

  • Tesco SW a. s.

    Tesco SW a. s.

    Supplier of SW for facility management, geographical systems, monitoring systems and system integration services.

  • Less a. s.

    Less a. s.

    Less a. s. provides comprehensive services to forest owners and trustees, such as selling timber and its processing.

  • ABA a. s.

    ABA a. s.

    Autoklub Bohemia Assistance, a.s. was established in 1994 by the Czech Automobile Club for the purpose of providing road-side assistance to motorists in emergency situations.

  • Poldi Hütte s. r. o.

    Poldi Hütte s. r. o.

    POLDI Hütte s.r.o. produces high-alloy steel.

  • ATP Cheb s. r. o.

    ATP Cheb s. r. o.

    The company engages in machining metals, particularly the production of aluminum profiles.

  • CPI Hotels, a. s.

    CPI Hotels, a. s.

    CPI Hotels, a. s., represents the supranational hotel networks – Choice Hotel International and Buddha-Bar Hotels&Resorts, is one of the largest Czech hotel chains. The company operates fifteen hotels with a capacity exceeding 7100 beds.

  • Interma, a. s.

    Interma, a. s.

    Interma, a.s. is a developer in the area of residential buildings and civil structures.

Key partnerships

Partners cooperating with European Mercantile a.s., include all major banks and main financial institutions on the Czech market as well as foreign banks, financial institutions and investment funds.

Volume of mediated financial means provided:
2004 1,166,500,000 CZK
2005 2,202,850,000 CZK
2006 2,196,150,000 CZK
2007 1,118,830,000 CZK
2008 1,495,540,000 CZK
2009 1,679,250,000 CZK
2010 1 852 150 000 CZK

These financial means were provided to companies in various lines of businesses, such as: development, forestry, steel industry, prostheses manufacturing, mechanical engineering, agriculture, aviation, river transport, wooden garden homes, gas industry, hotel industry…